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EXPORTERS-MINERALS in Kolkata Results 1 to 2 of 2

4 G C AVE 4TH FLR, Kolkata-700013,2237-3884
What: minerals industrial powders & chemical co industrial powders & chemical co. office : 4, g. c. avenue, 4th floor, kolkata-700 013ph: 2237 3884 / 5945 fax : 91 33 2237 6351works : 25/2, jhabarmal jalan road, liluah, howrahr flourspar r soapstone r ball clayr graphite r fireclay r iron oxider lime ...
21/2, BALLYGUNGE PLACE, Kolkata-700019,2440-8758
What: minerals shiva international energizing growth minerals that ensures your growth talc calcite dolomite barytes china clay blanc fixecalcium carbonate hydrated lime whiting mica silica red oxidemicaceous iron oxide graphite carbon black calcium chloridealuminium stearate calcium stearate ...
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